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Just like with traditional field trips, the more interactive the experience, the more that students will engage. Take your students on a virtual field https://globalcloudteam.com/ trip of a recycling center and a modern landfill. Plus, there’s a full-on curriculum that includes lesson plans, take-home handouts, and more.

What is a virtual field trip for education

Each video is about minutes long and includes plenty of activities to help your students retain what they learn. Our videos are also different because they are closely aligned with United States studies, geography, life science, and ancient civilization curricula. I’m a traveler, educator, and virtual reality in education parent of a special needs child. These three passions are why I founded Virtual Field Trips and created these videos for you to use in your classroom. Design, development and student evaluation of a virtual alps field guide. Getchell K., Miller A., Nicoll J. R., Sweetman R., & Allison C.

Virtual Field Trips: Benefits and Resources for Schools

The online tour provides students with a walk through of Washington’s mansion which gives students an up close and personal perspective into what life was like for George and Martha Washington on a daily basis. The online tour also takes students to his vegetable gardens, fruit gardens, animal pens, distillery, and gristmill. The online tour also gives students the opportunity to walk through the homes of enslaved individuals living at Mount Vernon, which is always a powerful opportunity for students to experience.

  • There are also benefits to the educator, such as reduced cost, more efficient students on fieldwork tasks and the ability to tailor and update their field guides to suit their needs.
  • During the pandemic, places that provided in-person educational experiences for students were forced to shutter, but the need for what they provided didn’t disappear.
  • Christine Boatman is a middle school social studies teacher at Estacada Middle School in the small town of Estacada, Oregon.
  • One featured partner, Minorities in Shark Sciences , creates K-12 content about sharks, skates and rays, the threats they face and conservation efforts to protect them.
  • Geomorphological fieldwork, developments in earth surface processes, 18, 117–128.
  • This evidence of learning can be used to share and celebrate their learning as well as to provide them feedback on their learning.

Real questions from parents and educators, answered by experts. A small site on on the edge of Pleasant Valley, near Bishop, CA. Part of a series on the Bishop Tuff. This is part of STOP 14, in the USGSGeologic field-trip guide to Long Valley Caldera, California. A pumice quarry north of Bishop, CA. Part of a series on the Bishop Tuff.

Other interactive experiences to check out:

With the introduction of low cost airlines in the early 2000’s , ticket prices plummeted and locations for fieldwork became more accessible and more within budget (Fuller et al., 2006). For the first time university students now had the opportunity for fieldwork abroad that was not present before . With the introduction of the internet, ICT systems (Bowman et al., 2005) and more recently mobile technologies, the landscape of teaching in fieldwork has dramatically changed (Fuller & France, 2014).

What is a virtual field trip for education

Bring the fun and excitement of a PacSci field trip to your students while engaging them with enriching content designed to enhance your curriculum and ignite their curiosity. Use virtual experiences and hands-on, standards-aligned STEM lessons to guide students as they explore key concepts in aerospace and engineering. Learn more about how to run an effective virtual field trip with online continuing education from Professional Learning Board.

What Is a Virtual Field Trip?

Games methodologies and immersive environments for virtual fieldwork. Fuller I., Edmondson S., France D., Higgitt D., & Ratinen I. International perspectives on the effectiveness of geography fieldwork for learning. Tech Interactive- Video split into chapters that also has accompanying teacher materials. Kids follow their tween guides to see the exhibits and meet a diverse group of technologists and scientists who create and use all kinds of technology. This site has only four live cameras that include elephants, pandas, lions, and even a naked mole rat.

These books could be read aloud and discussed using reader response questions and prompts for whole class participation, used in book clubs on a topic related to the virtual field trip, or read independently by students. A collection of virtual field trip resources designed for instructors to lead online trips and to improve in-person field experiences. The best online field trips often revolve around experiences that are off-limits or logistically impossible for in-person visits. To keep students interested, these activities should involve interactive elements such as question and answer sessions, games, and special requests.

List of virtual field trip ideas

In this virtual field trip, we will explore the magical páramo ecosystem and the stunning mountain landscapes found just beyond the capital city of Bogotá. Join our expert scientist, marine biologist Stephanie Wear, on a virtual field trip to the coral reefs of Palau where you’ll explore amazing underwater cities. Choose a virtual field trip that fits with what is being taught. Engage students in key topics covered in the Virtual Field Trip with a variety of supporting resources, including pre- and post-viewing student activities.

What is a virtual field trip for education

Virtual field trips are learning excursions that happen online through video conferencing software, livestream video, or digital map and photograph platforms. For example, a virtual zoo tour or an online visit to the Great Wall of China. Some schools give students options to vote on the yearly field trip. Since online field trips use minimal time and resources, every student can design a dream trip. Instead of organizing a virtual trip yourself, you can assign the planning to your students.

Explore the World with Virtual Field Trips

You could, for example, take a classroom to the Martin Luther King, Jr., memorial as a Black History Month activity. But unless you live in Washington, D.C., taking your students to a distant museum would likely be too expensive. Virtual field trips allow classrooms to visit a wider range of destinations from the comfort of their own school building. Virtual field trips are more engaging than traditional learning experiences for many types of students. History Reference Center contains thousands of primary source documents and over 80 hours of historical video to use in conjunction with virtual field trips related to U.S. and world history.