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Warning: Do Not Invest In Another Gym Membership Or Weight Loss Program in Chicago-land Until You’ve Read This Entire Letter…


“Have the Time of Your Life Losing Fat, Toning Up, and Getting that Lean, Sexy Figure You’ve Always Wanted…

…Or I’ll Give You DOUBLE Your Money Back”


Lake County’s # 1 Fitness And Fat Loss Expert Will Show You How To Get The Fat Off And Keep It Off Once And For All!

Hi I’m Dustin Martorano… owner of Real Results – Fitness & Performance.

If you want to drop those unwanted pounds, tone your muscles, look good, and feel great—but don’t wanna starve yourself, spend long boring hours on the treadmill that goes nowhere, or waste money on yet another fat loss solution that doesn’t work—I can help…

I GUARANTEE that once you experience one of my fun and life-changing fitness training programs, you WILL get the body you want.

Not only am I gonna I hold you personally accountable to staying on track and making continual progress in and out of the gym, but I’m holding myself accountable as well… I’m putting my money where my mouth is.

If you come in and train with me, and you DON’T reach your fat loss goals, I’ll not only give you all your money back, but I’ll give you DOUBLE your money back…

… AND I’ll come to your house and make you and your entire family some of my Famous Lasagna (only if you want me to of course) and we’ll celebrate the fact that you’ll be only the THIRD person (out of THOUSANDS) who didn’t reach your goals with one of my life-changing physique transformation training programs.

The lasagna is actually VERY fatty—but that’s ok, it’s straight-up delicious, and since I train myself the exact same way I train my clients, I can get away without having to eat perfectly every day.

Just like YOU’LL be able to once you experience one of my life-changing training programs.

That’s right—my clients actually get to eat the foods they enjoy while they watch their bodies go from soft and flabby to fit, firm, and athletic.

I can make this guarantee because I’m far beyond just confident that my program will give you the body you want… in fact, I’m certain of it.

Take a look at some of our successful transformations! YOU could be next….

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How can I be so absolutely sure?

Because I see the proof every day in every single one of my clients.

I see their tummies shrink, I see their muscles get firm and toned, I see them wearing all the awesome new clothes they can finally fit into, I see all the new attention they get with their new lean and athletic physiques, and, most importantly… I see the smiles on their faces (=

Just scroll down and take a look at some of the “before and after” pictures for yourself.



Tips, newsletter, recipes and more…

We respect your privacy. Your info will never be shared.

At Real Results – Fitness & Performance you will…

So not only are you gonna get strong as hell, but your body will be in a constant state of maximal fat-burning, giving you that lean, athletic look that women love and men envy.

This powerful one–two punch of combining intensive strength training with my fat-burning Metabolic Conditioning workouts makes Strength Camp the most effective program available anywhere for those looking to build a ripped and rugged physique…which is why people come from miles around just to be part of this program.

With Strength Camp you will…

  • Lose fat FAST… and keep it off
  • Tone your muscles
  • Drop inches off your waistline
  • Build strength from head to toe (well, your TOES actually won’t get that much stronger…but the rest of your body will for sure!)
  • Feel great and get rid of anxiety, agitation, and depression: Clients are often able to get off their anti-depressants and anti-anxiety medications within one month from the time they start training (However, please consult with your doctor first – it’s never smart to stop taking any medication without a doctor’s advice)
  • Increase mobility and flexibility: A lot our clients no longer suffer from unnecessary aches and pains caused by their tight and imbalanced muscles
  • Actually stand taller: We’re gonna improve any postural issues you may have that are making you slouch, so you’ll stand taller and look more confident
  • Gain speed, agility and quickness
  • Increase endurance and stamina

And—one of our clients’ favorite benefits—you’ll look friggin’ amazing!

Now I’m not promising to turn you into a bikini or fitness model if you don’t have the genetics for it (at least not overnight), but I AM promising to make you look your absolute best.

In no time, your friends and family will be amazed at your new body.

However, I do wanna warn you about one side effect of my training programs: As your body changes, and you gain a new level of confidence (and that perma-smile our members tend to get)…well, the combination can be DANGEROUS.

Your fit and athletic new look—combined with your new attitude and spirit—may cause you to attract a lot of attention from the opposite sex. Now, I don’t know if this is something you want…but it’s definitely a common side effect of the kind of training we do here.

I’ve been in the “make you look good business” for nearly a decade, and I know EXACTLY what you need to do to get the body you want. And (provided you’re not 400lbs with the goal of weighing 130lbs), all you have to do is show up and follow my lead and the program will do the rest.

It really is that simple.

I’m gonna guide you every step of the way as we achieve your fitness and weight loss goals together, and we’re gonna get you the body that you deserve once and for all.

We have three programs here at Real Results – Fitness & Performance:

Boot Camp This program will get you that fit and sexy body you’ve always wanted.  Boot Camp is great for ALL levels of conditioning and is ideal for beginners, those who just wanna tone up, lose fat, and look fit and sexy, and anyone coming off of a long break from training. Boot Camp is the PERFECT program to take you from unhealthy and out of shape to trim and athletic FAST… with this program you’re guaranteed to look and feel your best!

Strength Camp Strength Camp is for those who wanna get super-strong, build some SERIOUS lean muscle tissue, and have the body of a Greek God!  It combines specific strength and conditioning protocols with a unique process of ongoing evaluation and feedback to best fit the needs of athletes, warriors and straight up badasses alike.

CrossFit CrossFit Training is extremely mentally and physically challenging and gives you elite functional “real world” fitness. It’s not for wussies, that’s for sure. But if you wanna train friggin’ HARD and build a body that can kick ass no matter WHAT life throws at you, then CrossFit training is for you.

(And for those who wanna enjoy the benefits of ALL THREE types of training, we have a program for that too!)

And remember, if you’re not happy with the results you get at Real Results – Fitness & Performance, I’m gonna give you DOUBLE your money back—in fact I insist, and I wouldn’t have it any other way.

So if you’re ready to lose fat, tone up, and get that lean and athletic body you’ve always wanted, then set up a no-pressure consultation where you and I will discuss your fitness goals and see which one of our programs is right for you.  Just click this registration button and let’s get you that body you want!



Tips, newsletter, recipes and more…

We respect your privacy. Your info will never be shared.


As I see it, you’re at a crossroads right now. You can either choose to click away from my website and stay in your current fat or flabby condition..

Or you can take finally control of your life and lose the weight now, while getting tight and toned from head to toe.

The choice is yours, so get rid of the excuses and start improving your life NOW!

Try Real Results – Fitness & Performance today and take advantage of my “Week for $1” special trial offer.


Space is filling-up fast!

In as little as 7 days you’ll be able to see and feel the difference Real Results can make for you.

Still have reservations?

Seriously, give me a call at 1-224-210-1142 and let me explain why this is honestly the best decision you will ever make.

… You Have Nothing To Lose, Except Some Unwanted Pounds Of Ugly Body FAT!



Tips, newsletter, recipes and more…

We respect your privacy. Your info will never be shared.

Or Simply Call 224-210-1142 to Learn More

Dedicated to your RESULTS,


Dustin Martorano

P.S. You CAN do this. All you have to do is let me “prove it” to you over the next week. It’s only $1 to try. Call 1-224-210-1142 right now or click the registration button below to get started.


Tips, newsletter, recipes and more…

We respect your privacy. Your info will never be shared.

P.P.S. Remember, your success is Guaranteed or DOUBLE your money back! Make sure you make the right choice and Call 1-224-210-1142 to get started NOW.