To say that I was an active child would be a understatement. When I was a kid, I loved to run around and play so much that my parents literally had to drag me inside when the street lights came on. Since I was such an active kid, sports naturally became a big part of my life. However, I was not a natural athlete.

While I was passionate about playing sports, I was also pretty small, weak and uncoordinated. As a result, I was never the hero of any team I played for. From little league baseball on, I was a regular bench warmer or B-teamer. This was disappointing and frustrating for me, because I really felt I gave it my all.

After sophomore year of high school, I started lifting weights during gym class in hopes of becoming a bigger, stronger, better athlete. Once I started lifting weights, something just clicked. Not only did I love the challenge of working out, but I also started to see noticeable changes to my body. As my muscles grew and my strength increased, my confidence went through the roof, and I felt like I could do anything.

This was a turning point in my life and the exact moment that I fell in love with working out.

With increased confidence and improved physical attributes, I decided to try out for an elite local traveling baseball team – the same team I had tried out for in the past but failed to make. For the first time in my life, I not only made a team, but also was one of the team’s best players. This was one of my greatest childhood accomplishments.

Seeing exactly how working out could improve my life made me fall in love with it, and over time I realized I could help others make similar transformations. So, in 2005 I became a personal trainer, opened my first training studio in 2006, and have been changing the lives of Lake County residents ever since.


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