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Welcome to Real Results Fitness and thank you for taking the time to check us out.

As you’ll quickly discover, we here at Real Results Fitness are dedicated to changing the lives of everyday people just like you.

Our aim is to positively change the lives of a million people by 2030. We’re well on our way to doing so! Since opening our doors nearly a decade ago, we’ve positively changed the lives of over 6,000 people. Real Results Fitness has helped Chicagoland lose a total of 80,000 pounds in the process and lead healthy lifestyles.

We’re invested in your success! As the only comprehensive health and fitness family, we guarantee you will quickly and easily attain your weight loss goals! Real Results Fitness has a variety of programs to get you on the road to a healthy lifestyle.

Ruth loses 30 pounds in her before and after picture
Christine lost 60 pounds in her before and after picture

You’ll have fun while measurably improving your health and vitality so that you get the fit and trim body shape you deserve. We do this to ensure no one has to endure the struggle of trying to do it alone.

Real Results Fitness exists so that you can enjoy your life fully while leading a healthy lifestyle. Live without the limitations that can be suffered from chronic illness and pain brought on by poor health and fitness.

Erin lost 148 pounds in her before and after picture

Listen, we’re really glad you’re here, take all the time you need to look around. 


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